Band • The Echo Cult

The Echo Cult was formed by myself and Simon Webb, writing and performing original material. Originally it was set up to create more acoustic based material but we are looking to expand on that in to other areas.

We’ve taken influences from the 60s/70s (Neil Young, The Band), prog (Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Barcley James Harvest) and the 90s (Smashing Pumpkins, John Frusciante, Pearl Jam) sound, and are looking forward to creating some interesting noises. While trying to fight the urge to put the mellotron into every track…

Music Demos

B-Side Project

In the summer of 2016 we were excepted to take part in the B-Side Project. We created an original track which was then given to a Remix producer to remix in whatever style they chose. We were teamed with the producer Antonio Escobar. The track was then selected as one of ten tracks (out of roughly 400) to be released on the official B-Side Project 2016 CD.

Antonio Escobar’s Remix


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